I watched Meet the Press today, and I watch the Daily Show, when I am bored other various news programs, and here’s the thing I’ve learned from this whole affair.

1. He had cyber sex via twitter

2. He took a picture of various parts of his body and sent them out to people.

3. He’s ripped.

4. The Democratic party is a bunch of stuck up self absorb hypocrites.

5. The media are making this much bigger then it is.

Now with what I’ve learned from this issue, I have one bone to pick with the issue, and I will go on record and say, that I believe that Congressman Wiener has done nothing wrong, as of yet. So let’s think about this with a sense of logic.

First, we live in an age where people everywhere have a camera. Literally everyone on this planet right now has a camera, not one moment goes undocumented, and then posted on the internet. We have cell phones that now allow you to talk to some one while they watch you and vice versa. Now with in play, you can’t seriously tell me that this kind of thing surprises you, at all. It may make you uncomfortable, but that just shows how stuck up America truly is. If you did a search for the term camera phone pictures in Google right now, how many returns for that search would result in porn? You might find a friend of yours, or even worse, your mother. Think about that. Your mother, from whom you were spawned, may have graphic cell phone pictures on the internet. This is something we, as a people need to get over. OVER!! We’ve all done it, and if you haven’t yet, you will, or you’ll be asked to, but that’s your choice, as to comply, or not.

Secondly, we as a nation have moved away from the huge point that needs to be made here. WE ARE NOT BETTER THEN ANYONE ELSE. Antony Wiener, is a human being in a position of power, he’s also a man. He’s also horny. With that said, his wife is a woman, also human, and whether she openly says anything about, she too is horny, maybe not as often, but she is at one point or another. She’s no better then he is, and the like. So why do we as a nation, presume to find ourselves on a moral high ground here? We are a nation of horny men and women, telling one man to step down from his office, his position of power, because a picture of his junk in his undies showed up on his twitter feed. Let’s be really honest with one thing here. He’s not showing anything more then what you can see in an Ambercrombie and Fitch store, or search the internet. Who are we as people to dictate what is morally write or wrong. I sat and watch Rachel Maddow call the issue icky, because it made her uncomfortable, or whatever her reasons for it were, and I find that very inappropriate, and to run the story with the wording you chose, after telling us about Horse herpes not more then a few weeks prior, is very unnecessary, and it is in the same vein, kinda hypocritical, and double standard. If nothing else for one VERY important point. YOU ARE AN LESBIAN, AND YOU ADVERTISE THIS HEAVILY on your show, and don’t get me wrong. I love your show, and I love what you’ve done by advertising women’s issue, and gay rights, and you’re just so much fun to watch, but your own bedroom escapades have been placed in the public eye, granted in a different, all be it more tasteful way, and to promote and specific agenda, but they’re still out there. I don’t think you less human, in fact I applaud it. I’m glad you and your significant other are together and have something most straight people strive to find, but you are still in no position to call someone escapades icky. Not by along shot. Whether you think it’s icky, is irrelevant to the topic. Ms. Maddow has done nothing wrong, she simply stated an opinion, mind it a good and very well thought out opinion, one that I’m inclined to disagree with. Women I will direct this portion at you, as a man, none of you really have ANY breathing room on this subject at all. Stop the double standard. You will constantly find pictures of naked women all over the internet, and we think this is okay, and when a man does it, it’s not. If you’ve made judgment, then I suggest that you look what you wear BEFORE leaving the house. Case in point, I went to Scottsdale last night, and saw more ass and titties then in a porno, and I LIKED IT! *gasp* This is point, Mr. Wiener, engaged in a common practice that he enjoyed, with women, who also enjoyed it. So the real issue isn’t a matter of cheating, because did father a child, or use his position to position these ladies. He took part in interactive porn. He watched porn. He’s in trouble because he participated, in consensual interactive porn. The issue is about porn. We masturbate to weird things, each other, other people, animals if you’re into that sort of thing, no judgments, but it’s your thing keep it to yourself. The issue is this, is it interfering with his sex life with his wife…I don’t know, I don’t care, and it’s none of my business. It’s none of our business. That’s why I think that every news agency that reports on this, is a hypocrite, because all he did, was masturbate, mutually.

Thirdly, what does this say about us as a nation? Quite a bit really, it makes us look stuck up. We’re prudes as a nation. The younger generation not so much, but honestly, sex is everywhere. You can no more deny it then you could your own genitals. We have a biological imperative to fuck. Gay, straight, or lesbian, we all want to fuck. Let the man fuck the internet, it’s not an issue, it doesn’t change how he does his job. You want kick him out because he had cyber sex. Get over yourself, the man lives in Washington, he didn’t pay for hookers, or perform a wide stance in an airport bathroom stall, leave him be, and go get laid yourself, you undersexed bigot. It could always be worse, and don’t any of you congressmen presume think for a moment that any of you are better.

To sum this all up, this is just an issue of a guy leaving his porn out and someone didn’t like the porn he was watching. Grow up America, your porn’s been out for the last decade. You get off on poor people, and war, and even worse raping natural resources. Honestly, who cares about the aspect that he sent some “lude” photo to some other women. I haven’t heard anything from his wife not receiving any thing less than Mr. Weiners…love and affection. This is a private matter between Mr. and Mrs. Weiner, and if she leaves him over some porn, then they honestly had bigger problems, but it’s ultimately no ones business but their own, and if you want to put him out there like that for some pictures getting released, then you need to prosecute everyone, on facebook, myspace, and any other social media website, image board and the like, just for the simple act of watching porn.