…is a language I’ve wanted to learn. To me it’s the equivalent of writing a comic without words. The point is to communicate non verbally using gestures. Wordless comics are akin to this concept. Way back when I first started, there was a character who was mute/deaf, and that sparked me to actually study. I found a site, that allowed me to convey her emotions…I don’t think I did a good job with her though, but she became one of my favorite characters, because of the challenges I faced with her, and because she was like a few of my cousins. I haven’t seen them in years, but I want to be able to communicate with them, and have fun conversations with them. The reason this came up is because of the current story arc in another webcomic called Girls with Slingshots, written by the lovely Danielle Corsetto.   If you’ve never read her works, you should. It’s very good, and if she ever sells a book, I will buy it.

In this current arc Melody, Maureen, who are sisters, are talking about Chris, who is Melody’s BF, and is intimate performance. The subject matter of the discussion isn’t important. What’s really important here the communication going on between the characters that interact with Melody. Danielle has chosen to translate the actual signing using voice bubbles. I find this to be a pretty interesting way to translate Melody as a character in away, and with Danielle’s permission, I will borrow a play from her playbook.

In my own initial attempt at my own character. I could not find a proper way to address the conversations between the mute/deaf character and the characters that were attempting to communicate with her…and then I saw this page.

Now I thought the way that she addressed the conversation in this page was perfect, and informative to the reader.   So much so that she puts the direct translated gesture using a sub title, while at the top she used dialogue boxes that makes show the actual conversation.   I think this is clearer then the first time she used it during the STD party they had.

As of late I haven’t seen any other good examples where these sorts of characters. Oh and Danielle if you ever read this, which I guess you probably will since I’m going to notify you I used pages as examples, please don’t kill me, and if you’d like me to take them out of the post I will, and continue you wonderful work. ^_^ To the rest of you, go read her stuff…NOW!!! DO IT!!! She’s really nice in person too.

Edit: 2011/09/19: Danielle, being the wonderful person she is, allowed me to use her comics as examples…she also noted that the black and white page will be corrected, as all of her pages were gray scale, and newer ones, are colored. On another note…I found some typos…and I think I got them…if there are more point them out please. ^_^