So…I saw this movie…and the opening, was very well written, and very profound in it’s delivery to immerse you and invest you into this world. The basis of the plot is this. The world has got to the dogs…and we’ve found a way to maintain peace, without the use of money, war or force, and the people have become very…bored, I guess is a good way to point that out. So a simulation that was originally created for military use, to train soldiers in controlled VR arena, is used to create a fully immersible experience that allows the players to experience hardships of combat without the use of war. This game, and let’s call it what it is, MMORPG has become so popular that people have stopped really experiencing life…ya know like W.o.W…EQ…or anything else that would allow you to be involved with Game Compulsion, not Game Addition. Now the guys over at Extra Credit have done an extremely wonderful job addressing this issue. In fact, I would advocate anyone watching the three parts of that episode. It’s a very moving and personal look at the writer James and his own story being the issue. I’ll edit the text later and add a link to the videos. As a matter of fact, just go watch all of their videos. They’re very well made. My favorite one has been the one about making better female characters. It’s helped me re-evaluate what I’ve done with A.E. and how I can develop her as a person, not just as a comic book character…Oh man, that was a huge tangent, but there was a point to it. Basically, this whole society has succumb to Gaming Compulsion, and after telling us so much of this world…and then the whole thing start and you see the three characters and they’re doing their thing…and that’s when the well just dries right up. The amount of action in this movie is so sparse it’s as barren as the world the movie takes place in. It’s a honestly just a movie about one of the girls trying to get the other three to join her party and fight a monster. The movie drags on for a good 1 hr and 10 minutes and absolutely nothing happens. Then the climax occurs, and that’s it, we’re done. Thanks for giving us an hour of your time. It’s pretty sad since the movie had a lot of potential. The fact that there’s so much silence and spacing between the climax shows that most of the creative juices went into the studying and creation of the intro that the movie itself suffered from the lack of focus.

Honestly, I couldn’t relate to any of the characters. I played W.o.W, and a few other MMORPGs, and understood the references made, but seriously…this was a really bad movie. I recommend you just watch the opening, if you’re into thinking about the human condition, the rest of the movie is just a waste of time, and it pains me to say that, but it really didn’t go anywhere and I found myself watching hoping something would happen eventually, and it never did.