I played the Broforce out of this game.  I can’t say enough good things about it, so I will say all of the bad things about it….



Well thanks for reading this article.  I hope you found it informative.  Remember to make your own personal decisions on whether or not you should buy this game when it comes out.

Seriously, this game about as awesome as an old 80’s action flick, and it doesn’t stop.  I fought terrorist, dogs, giant machines, and I killed a helicopter with a propane tank.  This game has everything I want in a summer block buster movie, just in game form.  Seriously, I played as Neo from the Matrix and it was sooo much fun.  I’m not sure how long the game is supposed to be, but my play through of the demo took 2 hours.  It seemed like I played it for longer, but who gives a fuck.

The action in this game is over the top.  Buildings, the ground, all of it is destroyable, and it’s fun.  2DSS, 2-d side scrollers, have become the norm in the indie scene, but for each and every indie game that comes out it seems to be a game that would have NEVER gotten green lite and more often than not someone would sued over the rights to.  This game, as awesome as it is, has the potential to get in a lot of legal trouble, but it will be fun until that happens.

The controls are spot on, there’s nothing that made me feel like I could play the game.  Every action, even the many deaths, made me feel as if I was one of these characters.  Speaking of deaths, you will die A LOT, and each character is randomized.  My favorite “Bros.” so far have been Machete, The Boondocks Bros., Mr. Broanderson, and Brade.  A majority of these listed characters are hand to hand, but they all play the same.  Their abilities differ, but the controls do not suffer from this.  Each jump is precise, and every attack feels spot on.  You have a 4 button layout that keeps things simple.  Fire 1, Fire 2, special, and jump, this keeps things super simple, and has an ease of entry that makes for a perfect fit.

The look of the game is in pure indie fashion, 8-bit sprites.  I think this was done for nostalgia  purposes, and it works, but my biggest gripe about indie games is that none of the new devs are taking a risk and trying to develop in 16, or 32 bit, granted for a game like this the 8-bit graphics do not hurt it at all.  In fact, if this game wasn’t in the 8-bit style, I don’t think it would have as much of an impact on the presentation.  I do think they could’ve gone 16 bit and still would’ve been ok, as some of the characters you pick up along the way came out in the 90’s, i.e. Dredd, Neo, The Saints, Machete, Agent J, just to name a few, but they do fit well within the 80’s frame work and it doesn’t take me out of the game world at all.

The game world itself was so much fun to be in.  Not at one single point did I not feel like a part of the over all conflict.  Emersion, is something that very few developers in the indie circuit pay attention to, and the ones that do succeed by leaps and bounds.  From the moment you install the game to the  moment you’re done, you feel like you’re in control of an action movie.  The aventure isn’t spelled out, but you know you need to stop this thing that you’ve been sent to stop and boy is it fun to do.

As soon as I can muster the funds I’m getting in on the Early Access.  This game is amazing and if nothing else it’ll tide you over until the rest of the game comes out.  There are a few characters I would like to see, Bad Boys would be an amazing fit, the Highlanders, both of them, James Bond, Rocky, ANY of the Star Wars characters, and the Ghostbusters…I can’t really think of anymore, but man, this game has SO MUCH potiential!!  Go and play Broforce it deserves your looking into it.  What an amazing video gaming experience.