This summer I watched a lot of comic book movies instead of making my own comics…*points to the page that’s been sitting there for a week, or more… ANYWAYS… Ray and I have been making a summer of comic book movies. The first one we saw was Thor, which was awesome!! I know who Thor was though so I’m not gonna write about it, just know that I thought it was AWESOME. Captain America, on the other hand, I knew of only Buckey, and Cap A, and of Buckey’s death…Not much to go on to see this move at all.

First of all, I want to apologize to Ray, because he was literally sitting and telling about the little tid bits that I caught. First thing I have to admit, I didn’t know that the original Human Torch was an android, and Ray pointed that out. I actually thought it was a nod at Chris Evans’ part in the Fantastic Four movie. Cool none the less…

The basic premise, for those who don’t know, Captain America is the story of a weak young man, Steve Rogers, during the second World War.  He’s been constantly rejected because he’s too small, or he has an ailment that wouldn’t allow him to enlist.  Until he’s recruited by a doctor for the  Super Soldier Project, thus he becomes Captain America, and then the rest of the movie happened.  With this I had only one issue with the movie, and that Buckey…his death was…well you’ll see…I’ll say that it wasn’t one of those, didn’t see it coming moments like it should’ve been.  The way they setup everything for the Avengers, which I also know nothing about.  I like where it’s going, but I’m not sure how it’s supposed to work, but sit through the credits and watch the Avengers trailer.  It’s going to be awesome.

Cowboys and Aliens was pretty rad, considering this is yet another comic book I’ve never heard of, much less read, but I digress.  It was rad…though I walked away from the movie wanting to sneak around and destroy a Metal Gear.  That’s mostly because the composer for the movie was none other Harry Gregson-Williams.

Overall, two very awesome movies.  I just like Cap A a little more then Cowboys and Aliens.  Two jawesome movies.  Strong work all around.