have occured in my life as of late that further make me wonder about the state of our nation. As of late I’ve been working construction and taking a lower paying job to literally find myself and find true honest happiness. In doing so, I’ve come to the conclusion that well I was happier at a job that took care of me and I made me feel welcome and took care of my VERY basic needs. It sounds pretty odd to say that I left a job I hate for a job that I psuedo enjoy, but it’s true. I didn’t hate my last job, I just didn’t like what I was doing, and couldn’t really take pride in it. In my current job I take more pride in it, and enjoy doing it, but I doesn’t allow me to do what I need to as a person, i.e. surrvive, or does it pay me what I’ve come to expect from a the promise made. I’ve been screwed over a lot in the small time that I’ve been there and I can find a reason to want to stay. The place is very interesting to work in, the people are nice, but I don’t bet paid on a regular basis. I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t want to go back to my last job, because I most certainly do…I don’t want to be out on the street, and I’m good at the old job, but I can’t put up with the way I’m being screwed. I’ve chosen to attempt to go back. I hope they’ll let me return, as it’s not really a place I want to leave again. Cross your fingers for me, because I really would like to have my old job back, and further more, I’d really like to have my regular life back.