This week Kronos Magazine presents and in depth interview with Tsunamitama-Hime Anima Ryuuzaki-Bouldar, Governess of the Bahk-vahl region.  Don’t worry about her name though.  We messed it up a few times in the interview, she prefers to go by Nami, as it’s easier to pronounce.   She discusses her new found dislike for EURA-ian politics and why she believes that the people of EURA should revolt, as well as going into detail about her supposed dislike of the male populi.  She also speaks on she shock of finding out she has a second nephew, and the rage of not knowing where her second nephew, the “late” Damascus St. Alugard Ryuuzaki III, M.I.A. for 3 1/2 years, has been.  Hitting news stands soon.