…I have a few things I’m expecting from you.  Before we begin our lives together, I just want to make a few things very clear.  Firstly, your sister, was a fantastic companion.  In fact, I plan on keeping her around until her passing.  She’s been a constant light of my life, much like your older sisters One and 2.  I expect to be able to do ALL of her old things on you, but do things with you that I can only do with you…  Not to sound too much like a cheap bastard, but those are investments in time and money on multiple levels, and I want to be able to enjoy them on you.

Secondly, much like your sisters, I want to be able to use some, not all, but some of my old gear, ya know, controllers and what not.  I see no reason to be able to pay so much for your companionship, and not get a little kick back in return.  I feel that this is a small thing indeed, and at the end of all of this, I’ll be making changes in the long term, so cut me some slack on this.  I also expect that you will entice me with your wonderfully large mind, body and soul.  This is very important, because unlike your sister, 3, you will come into my life at a time when large minds are necessary for an sense of less frustration, and enjoyment.  Now, I don’t fully expect you to like hand me downs; I mean, who does right, but I do expect that your sisters old stuff should be enough to get us started…after all you expect me to pay a hefty price for your services, I expect hand me downs to be part of the game until we can get you some new stuff.

On same note, I fully expect a sense of communication, better then that of your sister, 3.  I can not stress enough how frustrating it was to try to have an open dialouge while in the middle of the time we spent together.  I spent numerous hours with her, and my friends, and not a single word was said.  I find this to be NEAR unacceptable.  I found myself cheating on her a number of times with Xbox 360, just to be able to talk to my friends with her in the room.  She was indeed a conversationalist, but the intimate time was very boring.  I did like how she tried to spice things up every now and then by having me use my hands with wands and wanted me to watch her.  Great ideas, but not fully thought out ones, and lets be honest, I like a little exploration, but effort must be put into it.  I’m asking you to take risks with me, and I will do the same in return.  All that I ask is that you do so without gimmick or the like as it’s not necessary.  I’m here with you right now, and I do not plan on leaving you in the dust, unless you give me a reason to do so.

I look forward to the time we will spend with each other, but keep one thing in mind.  I am a Pollyamourus gamer and I do not serve one flag.  I love you just as much as I do Xbox, and Wii U.  Wii U is a little shy, but I’m sure we’ll get a long very well, but your sisters have set a bar that I know you can meet and I plan to spend a lot of time with you.  Do not disappoint me, and I will be sure to spend a majority of my time with you as I did with 3.

Furturely yours,



I can’t wait to see your controller, *wink*