James Bond, as a man with troubles… If someone told me that they wanted to make a movie about that subject, I would say… That’s kind of boring. If that same person said, but we also want to address his relationship with M. I’d say SUPER boring. Then I saw the trailer, and yeah…I was TOTALLY wrong. This movie is very interesting. I learned a lot of nauances that I didn’t know about the Bond universe. Like “Q” stands for Quarter Master, and “M” is for manager, it just so happens to also be the first letter of their names, Emma, Quincy. Eva Moneypenny, is a Bond Girl, and one of the best so far. Not to mention SUPER cute. I love English Black women, they’re adorable, tangent.

The Bond villian is actually a villian. Not just a bad guy that needs to be slain. He’s actually a horrible person, but even he has a human moment. The role of M played by Judy Dench was one of the MOST bad ass rolls I’ve ever seen her in. It truly displayed why M is the head of MI 6. Her own body count was easily just high, or just as close to Bonds by the time to climax had come. Judy still brought the fire for the move, and was a wonderful way for the last remaining remnents of the previous James Bond era to go out. I love how she went out. Classy yet BAD-ASS!!

I had a few problems with this film, as much as I’d like to say the movie was perfect, the pacing of the movie was not the same as the previous three movies. Firstly, the movie starts on a high note, and seems to blow it’s load at the begining. There’s was a bit too much setup when dealing with the entrance of the villian. I get that he’s supposed to be a behind the scenes guy, but the conflict between the two could’ve made for an actually amazing trilogy. The biggest problem with ALL of the Bond movies, was that after the end of the movie, Bond has no major villian. We just seem to be tagging along with him on his job. I get that it’s just his job, but THIS Bond villian could’ve been the big boss, the man with the power, who employs all of these minor villians to which Bond must dispatch, and get to.

The villian would’ve been a wonderful anti-Bond/M. Yet they killed him. His character had so much potential, and it was squandered in all on one movie. I loved him as villian and would’ve love to see him make Bonds life a living hell for three movies, while he takes out the villian for the movie, leading up to a climactic battle. The first movie, would be the passing of “M”, the second, the burning of Skyfall, third the razing of MI 6, and Bonds showdown with the villian, but alas, I’m not in Hollywood, and don’t get to make these decisions.

The Daniel Craig Bonds are still my favorite Bonds, WAY better works then Peirce Brosman. Sorry, it’s just that he’s more awesome. Go see this movie. It’s amazing.