It has been 25 years since Double Dragon first came out in arcades and shortly after that NES.  I had been 4 at the time, so I had not actually played the game until I was 8.  My uncle had the game and never let me play it…in fact now that I think on it.  I never got to play it due to the fact that my uncle made me play sports games just so he could be at me in them…but I had cousins, and they had Double Dragon II and when I stayed with them, it was Double Dragon and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Arcade game.  Since then my personal favorite game was Double Dragon II, and I eventually played them all.

25 years later, I turned 28 and the promise of a remake of Double Dragon II was made…and quickly put down.  The game, in all honesty, was not excellent as is could’ve been, and it did do one thing that was actually pretty cool, and that was making Marian an actual strong character…BUUUUUUUT…the combat looked like shit.  Enter WAYFORWARD and a two year development cycle and we’re greeted with:

First thing I have to say is that…This game is awesome…regardless of what IGN says.  I advise you to play the game for youself.  There is a lot going on in it, and as a kid from the 80’s this gam is everything that I would expect a Double Dragon game to be.

Story: The game throws you in to the rolls of Bimmy and Jammy….I mean Billy and Jimmy Lee, as they have to save Marian…again.  I will start this portion by saying that there isn’t really anything new to speak of, and that’s excellent.  You’re not told much aside from what you learn in the tutorials, and even then it’s just telling you what buttons do what.  IN the first level you meet the “asshole” who took your girl.  Shredder/Skeletor, sounds like the Manarck.  You proceed through the game and Skullmageddon commands his minions like a real master of evil…if that master was cheesy.  The Lee brother are equally as cheesy with their one liners.

Presentation:  The look and feel of the game may not be for everyone, after all this is the 80’s.  The game is literally like a neon 80’s movie.  Every cliche’ is going for it and they all seem to have their place in the game.  Cyber tanks, domination, attack helicopters, and mullets.  Everything about the way the look and feel kept me involved with the game all the way through.  Space Dojos, robo-bros, zombies, and samurai skeletons made this game didn’t make this game horrible.  Each level was amazingly setup.

Control:  The controls were very tight…After learning how to play the game I found it very easy to play the game with no issues.  I had only one issue with the game itself, and that was the platforming.  I found the lack of momentem to be a bit of an issue with you were running, and jumping over caverns was difficult, otherwise the game was very well put together.  It took everything about the 80’s style beat’em ups and gave it new life…except for the jumping…

Replay: Ify at best.  It’s really dependent upon whether or not you’re a trophy hunter.  It’s moderately high.

Overall:  They game left me wanting to play the game again, and again.  The game isn’t for everyone.  It’s honestly not  looking to add new fans to to the list, but if played it will.  The nostalgia factor is amazing here, and and it a unique twist on a 25 year old franchised.  I recommend this to anyone who enjoyed Scott Piglrim, at all.  In fact, if you have a Playstation Plus subscription, you’ll get both for free.