This is one that that just really escapes me.  I’d like to say I work in a very fashionable place.  If you saw half of the women in this  play, you’d say you were in a fashion show.  The men are no different, but again the one thing that completely escapes me is the pointy shoes… It’s not at my j ob, it’s every where.  The mall, the store, when did mid evil styles come back?  First it was skinny jeans, a.k.a tights, and now “elf shoes.”  It baffles me as to the reasons for us go back to such a nonsensical style.  It currently serves no practical purpose, save but to make your feet hurt.  Modern dress shoes, for men at least, are rounded for a reason, and if you get sketchers, they’re good for running too.  I mean just look at them.

I can totally log some miles in these, and my feet won’t hurt as much…though they are pointed, but look at the first image and look at the one above.  Which one would you want to wear?  My vote goes to the image above.

Then there’s the subject of age old nerd indicator…HIGH WATERS….

High-waters…This is cool now?  I remember getting made fun of because I wore high-water pants, and now this is cool…  This is unfortunate…very unfortunate…I know some jocks that are wearing this stuff…and I owe them some verbal thrashing…  Anyways…I just wanted to get that out…it’s just plain silly to look at.