I don’t normally complain about a game…but I feel this needs to be heavily stressed.  RE: 6 is a really bad game, and is a huge display of why you should ultimately not hype your game so much, and count on brand loyalty to sell your game.  I have a few MAJOR grips on why this game is damed near unplayable, and I will go over everything from a game mechanics stand point, and I will provide as many reasons as I can to display why this game is a low quality game.


First thing that you get when you boot up the game is what I’m going to call the MEGAMAN X opening stage.  It’s purpose is to teach you how to play the game, and give you a taste of what’s coming.  Now as such you start with a main character and it teaches you the basics of what you need to know.  This is also where we encounter our first of many issues…You can’t see shit…because Leon is in the way.  Below you will find two example of  RE: 6 camera versus RE: 4 and 5.

The top two are RE: 6 and the bottom two are RE: 5 and 4, respectfully.  The major problem with RE: 6 is camera position, and this is a basic film school mistake that this game suffers from.  Camera angle is key, nay critical to games success.  There is no reason for the character to take up 50% of the visual space in a game unless it’s porn…even then it has to be a Gonzo film.  Look it up it’s poignant to my point.  Compare this to say…the Gears camera angle, and maybe even Vanquish’s camera angles.

Now with Gears and Vanquish the camera is pulled back, and you also don’t enter the over the shoulder view until you’re aim your gun.  Otherwise, it’s completely 3rd person.  I can see what I’m firing at, and I know where my targets are, and IF I fuck up…it’s my fault, not the camera.


Most modern day shooters require you to ready the weapon and fire…just like in life.  RE:6 is no different, and that’s what works really well.  I hold down fire, and boom, bullets fly.  I can move and stuff…but I haven’t figured out how to strafe…and I don’t think you can…Which is sad…In fact, a place for a jump/dodge/strafe button should not be the same place as a dash.  I’m going to use Vanquish as a good example…as well as Gears.  Your dodge button was B button, and your run button was a trigger button.  Same goes for the controls in Vanquish.  I could dash, but I needed to dodge a bullet, by jumping.  Resident Evil 6 maps both of these to a context sensitive button press.  When fighting epic monsters or trying not to get stabbed in the back, dodging is a must…a necessity.  Health items and weapon setups are a button press away…but I had to figure that out, and granted the game may have told me this, but the writing was so small, I couldn’t tell.  The QTE needed to feel like they should’ve been there.  The more I play, the more I felts like I was just mashing buttons.  I should never feel that way.  EVER!!  Bad controls…all around….  I can’t even adjust the camera to see around me.  Who makes a game like that these days is beyond me, and Capcom should know better.  Shame Capcom…  Character calling barely works.  Sub-characters  hardly ever come when you call them, and often deny your request for aid.  Why are they even there when you can’t get them to help you.


This is basic thing in game design.  If you as a player do not feel challenged when dealing with acts of heroism, then your game is majorly flawed.  Case in point, I know that the game is about zombies on a global scale…but these suckers weild guns…and should seem pretty tactical…but they’re not.  They just come at you like a horde.  They don’t hide, they act like supermen and just come at you…Soooo…why do you have guns…The big brutes I can give a pass on to an extent, but if they’re in pain…shouldn’t they try to stop what’s causing pain…I fought a giant…penis thing and fired at it with a vulcan cannon and just stood there and took it…  I did destroy the gun, by accident…but not before I pump 300 rounds into it’s belly.  The smartest boss in the game was the guy with the drill on it’s harm.  He actually used his surroundings to get the better of me.  That’s a smart boss, and well designed too.  The other bosses were very stupid…almost minion like they didn’t set themselves a part from the cannon fodder that I came across along the way.  Hideo Kojima stives to make smart enemies.  That is why MGS is so difficult for some people to play and get into, because you have to think about every move you make.  The enemies can and will out smart you, even the bosses will mess you up quickly if they see an opening.  Zombies with guns should be half that, with no question.  I should feel like a pack of lioness’ are on my ass and I’m the meal for tonight.  I think of pack animals when I think of  zombies.  Wolves out setting traps and figuring out ways to trip me up.  This game does not do that at all.

On these merits a game should always be based, and I feel that Resident Evil 6 did not live up to that.  This portion of my writing is purely opinion.  I had high expectations from this game, as the last two were so amazing.  It’s sad that these things were huge short comings for a game to be enjoyable, and took away the fun.  I did get into the story and would love to finish it, if the controls were fixed and the camera adjusted, and most importantly, I wasn’t mowing down people.  So much potential was wasted here, and is a step back from what we’ve come to expect from our brand loyalty.  I’m very glad that I rented this game and didn’t buy it.