Game Stop is a company that over the years I’ve had the miss pleasure to deal with, and often or not I don’t buy my games from them for two reasons. First of which is, they are shysty beyond all recognition. A few years back one of their employees made a 5 part series in regards to how their trade in system works, in the vein of Zero Punctuation. If you haven’t seen it, I would HIGHLY recommend watching it, in fact it’s the primary reason that I no longer shop there. I’d rather give my money to a different company, even Wal-Mart, in order to make sure I got what I wanted and was treated with some semblance of decency, and got my monies worth. Second would be the employees have no working knowledge of the product they sell and hide behind policies and procedures in order to make money for a company that only pays them $8 an hour. Trust me I get it, this isn’t your dream job, and it’s completely dead end, but you could attempt to do customer service.

Just recently I bought a game, and did not enjoy the experience that it had brought to me. I found it to be a very annoying game to play, and felt that I should be AT LEAST allowed to trade the game for something of equal or lesser value and have the money converted to credit. So I called, and got a guy on the line, who told me he’d only give me $14 for the game; a game mind you that I paid $54.39 for, AND had not owned for less than 24 hours. because it’s opened. Logic at this point kicked in, and so did the math, and I kindly advised him that I’m being asked to literally pay $40 dollars to try this game and find that it wasn’t for me.

I’d broached the question of morality in the issue as I felt that I was being cheated, and if this were Wal-Mart, Target, or Best Buy, I would be allowed to return the product, so long as a receipt was presented. He said that this was not the policy. Now at this point I’m making it a point to inform in that they sell opened copies as new all the time, and I wasn’t asking him to do this. I wanted simply to bring the game in and get a game for equal or lesser value, as I feel cheated at this point, mind you this was after speaking to the rep, and though that an exchange was fair as he’d be keeping the money. His response was to continue to hide behind a policy, that he OPENLY agrees with, but has no possible way of defending.

Game Stops policies are akin to that of a pawn shop, and what’s worse is they are becoming quickly the way of the dinosaur. This makes their customer service very ugly. I’ve never had a good experience walking into the store. There are a few friends that I’ve had that work there, and they only do so when nothing else is available to them. The people that work there have always been very low on the friendly side, and I get that it’s a job, but you can provide help. This particular individual that spoke with me, advised me to check out the digital display, during our discussion via phone, for reviews. I asked him if the review for said game was made readily available, and he replied that “he didn’t know, as he was not expected to be an expert on everything in the store, much less the games as well…” You work in a video game store…and you don’t know about the product you sell… That is the equivalent of going to a Subway and asking whats on a menu and them not being able to tell you or make it for you. The only difference being that Game Stop doesn’t make the games, but they should know if a review is on their board.

In short I believe this will be the last time I shop at Game Stop. Huge lack of product knowledge, shifty policies, and very low tact make this company a horrible place to go. I highly advise never taking your kids/spouse/family/money to this company. I do hope that the new age of gaming removes them from necessity, as it’s been a haven of garbage for years, and it needs to go away.