Immortals movie poster   Latin aside, Immortals is the story of the first Demi-God, and Hero Theseus, and his link to the Gods.  We’re introduced to the concepts of what the immortals are, and how the Gods came to be, and who the Titans are.  The first character we’re introduced to is the oracle and we’re told how the oracle is an oracle.  Then we are quickly ushered off to meet our Hero Theseus and his mother, and the epic takes off from there.

Through out the entire film it was a thrill ride.  The characters aren’t as fleshed out as they could’ve been, and for a movie called Immortals, you hardly ever see them.  The point of the movie seem to show why the gods, do not interfere with mankind, and it makes little use of the Gods themselves.  Until we actually see the gods interfere and we’re shown how strong they are, and the true differences between man and the immortals. The differences between the gods are film in “non-bullet time/gore” and “bullet time/gore”.  The human fight scenes have a cadence and an elegant style to them, less blood and more of an action beat’em up.  Then there’s the Gods.  Every fight scene they’re in, the are body parts everywhere.  No a single piece of their enemies are left to even be recognized no bury.  The Gods in these few scenes show exactly why they do not get involved.  Zeus is made to look like a huge douche in the stories we’re told about, but in this one, he’s more of a father figure trying to protect the whole of his family, man-kind included.  It’s a different perspective on a very, seemingly miss-understood king.

The few things I didn’t like as far as the story was concerned.  Firstly, Hyperion…was a titan…  One of the big 12, who’s job was to be the complete opposite of Helios/Apollo God of the Sun, however he’s a simple human, who rose to be a king.  He doesn’t cease to be any less evil.  Secondly, the minitor…is just a dude in a barbed wire bull mask, which btw was totally awesome, but in the land of Gods and Titan, I would wonder if the production team thought it would be a better idea to humanize some of the creatures.  When I personally think of the Gods and Titans, I think of anthropomorphic beasts and creatures, not people.  I do understand why they did it, but the concept of the Gods coming down and doing things in and out of the sky, seems like a fantasy type setup, and it seems lazy for a special effects heavy movie to leave that out.  It took me out of the movie a lot.  It didn’t make the movie bad, but it didn’t seem like the kind of thing that would’ve made a flight of fancy, enjoyable. Over all I felt that my gripes are minor.

I loved the movie and the story it had to tell.  The costumes and the overall atmosphere were very awesome and enticing.  As a person who knows a little about Greco-Roman Mythology, this movie both hits and misses the mark, but not enough to be glaring.  It’s a wonderful movie that would’ve been best served as a summer block buster, but it’s a good action thrill ride.  Gloria immortalium!