With Volume 02 finally complete.  I am to take a month break from my duties here.  I want to start work on Volume 03 but I need to focus on a few things first.  I’m developing some concepts for a game that I’m working and I want to try and balance my love here with my self imposed duties for getting this game off the ground.  I’ll try to put up more information here when it’s available to give out.

For those of you who read this when ever it is that I do chose to post on time, thank yo for the support and feed back you’ve provided.  You’ve helped me to complete the writing on volume 03 and inspire me greatly to write to it’s completion.  I’m very excited to deliver it to you so I do hope you enjoy reading it as much as i enjoyed writing it.  Mad credits to Allen, Ray, Cullen, and Tiffany for putting up with my boring conversations about random shit.  Thanks to my family for being the inspiration for a LARGE number of the characters I’ve created and will be creating for you to view.

Thank you again for your support of my endeavors and I hope that you find my works pleasing.  See you all in the New Year, and Happy Thanksgiving.

Kind Regards,

Brandon Dunlap

Artist, Creator, Owner of Somnio Talis in Tempus Hortus