…what the funk doctor spot.  I don’t really have much to post here save for my view on world politics.  I’m not going to bore you to death with something silly like that tho…well actually I will.  I’m going to start by addressing the state that I live in, and the new law that was passed regarding the so called racist law that puts immigration on the forefront of our daily lives.

I’d like start by saying that my views on this issue is mine and mine alone.  There will be a lot that I do and do not  agree with as far as this law goes.  I will be the first one to say that ILLEGAL immigrants do not have a place in any society.  Period.  My ancestors worked very hard to build this nation, and by this I mean the slaves.  I’m a black man, not African-American.  I say that because I’m  not from Africa, and I’m not considered African by African standards.  I’m considered an American dog by my mother country, and to be frank, I do not blame them for saying that.  I’m highly educated, and looking to pursue an higher education.  Why did I put these seemingly pieces of information here?  Simple, this are things that most people my age want.  This is by ones definition chasing the “American Dream.”  You see no matter what you may think of this country, we are lucky to be in it, legally.  The “American Dream” is open to any man or woman who chooses to chase it.  Each person who chases such a dream always ends up catching it.  That’s why this country is great.  If you dream that you can achieve, then you can succeed.

This is a dream that can be chased by anyone, and I do not believe that anyone should be left out of such a chase, but I don’t think that anyone who chases that dream by cutting in line should be treated specially, and this is EXACTLY what this country of dreamer and dream chasers has resigned itself to doing.  Case in point, the population of Mexicans, not to be confused with Latino Americans, come over here from a democratically run country and do not fully contribute to the economy.  They do not pay taxes to the nation, they do not pay medicare or much of anything else, however they do jobs that we as Americans are too arrogant to do.  No one wants to shovel crap, or build buildings, or do odd jobs or serve a rich person, or work in fast food.  Regardless of what anyone thinks, Arizona needs the Mexican population, however they should be required to learn the language, and in addition should be sponsored to become a legal citizen.  I believe those that go through the process to get a work visa, or become a citizen should be given the same rights that I have, it’s only fair, with the exeption of being able to run for president.

On the subject of citizen ship, it shouldn’t be difficult to get a work visa, but we make it so difficult to that, much less become a citizen in the first.  They have to take a test that natives can not pass.  One of my U.S. History teachers put us through the test to prove a point, and the only person that passed the test was the foreign exchange student.  Honestly, I felt like a failed American at that point.  I can’t pass a test that my fore fathers didn’t have to take because they were slaves.  Needless to say I have a little reason to be pissed when I see a mob of illegal aliens marching on the state capital.  I’m going to say something that I’ve been holding in.  THIS IS NOT THE CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT, and even if it were, you have no rights because you are not citizens.  To further this point, I’d like to point out if we did something like this in Mexico, we’d be arrested on site, because they have laws regarding immigration, that are short sweet and too the point, and now we do to.  If anyone disagrees, then I charge you to find me a country that DOES NOT have immigration laws.  Our laws themselves are bitch mode by comparison, and now everyone screams racism.  Here’s a thought, how’s about  Al Sharpton and the lot of the activist going against this read our laws, and then compare them to the laws of say… Mexico.  BEFORE you are deported, you have to serve a minimum of 2 years in prison for being caught with out proper paper work proving citizen ship, in MEXICO.  Here we just send ya back so you can come back, and if you’re bad, we’ll even feed you.  You think this is a violation of civil rights…look at it this way, I have a drivers license, a social security card, AND proof of insurance, and my work badge, when I get pulled over, and I have to walk back to my house regardless of whether or not I’m right or wrong. My license plate gets run by every cop in my part of town.  I have tons of ways to be identified.   If an illegal alien gets pulled over they get fed, and sent back so they can do it again, and there are groups that want continue this cycle of none sense.

I don’t like the fact that my tax money goes to pay people to feed people who do not/are not here legally.  I watched a woman who’d been here for 14 years, and she didn’t even speak English, and she had no visa, no green card.  I was very appalled, because if this had been a black man, people’d be shooting at us, and hosing us…oh yeah…they did that.  This is by no means what the King wanted for us, and yet we have people getting in our political process with no right to do so.  You don’t get a voice unless you are here legally, so next time if a group of ILLEGALS start to protest.  Do the right thing and call boarder patrol.  Check for I.D. because if you really gave a shit about freedom, you’d secure it for your own so that you can chase the dream, because the process takes 6 months to a year, there’s no reason why you can’t do take the test and become a naturalized citizen.  Craig Ferguson did it, and he’s not the only one, so what makes the Mexican population so special?