Lupe's Lasers

Okay so I’ve been listening to Lasers for the better part of the week, and I can safely say that the whole album is the best joint I paid for this year. I’ve been looking forward to this Lupe album for a really long time. I’ve found it to be a very refreshing, and emotionally charged album. It would seem that the overall goal of the album was to inform as many people as possible of the current events and civil unrest that has transpired in the past year of so.

When listening to this one, I got the impression that nothing was off the table, and everything was a target that could be hit at any moment. Most of his albums that I’ve heard, or at least his songs, promote self-awareness and improvement. This album holds to this from songs like “All Black Everything,” “The Show Goes On”, and “I’ll never forget you” ft John Legend. Of all of these songs I really love “The Show Goes ON” and “All Black Everything.” “The Show Goes on” starts out with a call to arms. Seriously, listen to the song.

“Have you ever had the feeling that you were being had? Don’t that sh– there make you mad? They treat you like a slave, put chains on your soul, and put whips up on your back. They be lyin’ through their teeth; hope you slip up off your path. I don’t switch up, I just laugh, put my kicks up on their desk, unaffected by their threat, then get busy on they a**.” Lupe Fiasco-“The Show Goes on”

The song is asking the listener to stand up and be counted, to be heard and don’t let anyone tell you, that your worth is less then theirs is. Then there is “All Black Everything.” Which challenges the listener to look at the world without color, and asks you what if slavery and racism never occurred. A most interesting though that is processed here, is the fact that Malcolm Little survive the Civil Rights movement, along side Martin Luther King Jr., because it never happened at all.  This isn’t all that big of a change in thought process, because most black people have though or seem to have had this thought in their heads before.

The album stands as a exhibition of one man’s frustration, not only with the world around him, but with himself and the way he lives in this world.  A sort of reaction, equal yet opposite reaction to life structure, and society as a whole.  I am very impressed by the way the songs flow together to build a bit of a story.  I have to say, at least give the album a listen as it is a very good album, who’s exploding with a rebellious spirit.