First of all if you’ve never seen a single Macross OVA, Original Video Animation, or series, and not the Americanized version, that was mixed in with the RoboTech Animation, then you’re missing out.  The concepts are about our young space exploration, and the human condition.  The series as a whole takes place about 40 or so years in our very near future.  We’re looking for a new home to roost, by we I mean the human race.  We fight aliens along the way, but mostly it’s about what our lives would be like in space.

One of the things that sets this series apart from say…Star Trek, not about the captains, it’s more about the effects the politics have on the citizens.  You hardly ever see the higher leadership unless it’s really necessary.  Then there’s the absolute usage of the power of music.  This is where it kicks the shit out of other space/mecha/gaint robot animations.  The robots don’t actually do the heavy lifting, the music does most of the work.  The whole concept of music as a weapon is the series main stay.  They use pop idols as the sword and the robots are the shield.  The music of J-Pop icons has never been on my top list of things I enjoy, but the music in this movie made me go out and get the soundtrack.  One song in particular, “Niji iro Kuma Kuma”, or Rainbow colored pathway… at least I think that what it means, it’s simply about a girl having faith in herself, but it’s a really pretty song.  It reminds me of “Nights into Dreams”, the Soft Museum.

So with this entry, it marks the 25th anniversary of the series.  In the t.v. animation, you were introduced to an array of characters, some of whom died, others who changed, and then the movie was made to be the “cliff note” version.  A lot has changed…like sayyy…dead characters not being  so dead…relationships not being fleshed out.  This movie was by far a nice cap to the major issues raised in the series, but it also brought capped off what the series  was about, and the other Macross and put them in one place.  Basically saying that this series is the starting point, and did so by putting obvious references in place to ensure the viewer of the long standing series would get the point.  I recommend that anyone who loves the series should watch it.  You will enjoy it very much.