Have you ever sat and watched an old-school kung-fu action flick?  Perhaps you may have a friend/uncle/aunt/sibling/significant other with a taste for 70’s b movies.  Well this movie is definitely for you.  Hell if you’ve been following the career of The RZA, or even Quinton Tarantino, you need to check out this movie.  If you go into this with out a love for the previously stated…you’ll still love parts of this film.  This piece has something that’s for everyone, and somethings that are not for everyone.  Hell when I went to see it, some folks actually got up and let, didn’t even give it a chance.

I will say that this is a BAD movie.  The writing is very weak, but it was written to be that way.  It’s not a box office blockbuster.  It’s an art film, a film that pays respect to all of those movies that came before it.  The first thing you’ll notice about the movie is that it was CREATED to be the same type of movie that would have been written and filmed in the 70’s.  Hell the title is written in that shaky font you see at the beginning of EVERY kung-fu movie from that era.

Man with the Iron Fist follows the story of three main characters, Thadius (Black)Smith, Jack Knife, X-Blade, each of whom’s actions effect the over all stories events.  Each man has an overall stake in the success or failure of what happens throughout the movies unfolding plot structure.

What makes this movie a BAD movie is everything needed to make it a good movie.  The plot is riveting, the action and suspense were all top notch, and the imagination behind the characters and their fighting styles are amazing, if this were the 70’s.  I keep saying this, because it’s exactly what it is, a 70’s movie made with today’s technology.  This movie would be a cult classic if made 20 years ago, and now it’s just out of place, and that’s precisely what makes it bad.  It’s unique, and a different take on old ideas, backed by today’s graphics and technology, and imagination.  Just because it’s a bad movie, doesn’t mean it’s a bad movie.  The movie is FUCKING amazing.  If a video game came out of this movie, I’d play it.

The RZA has a wonderfully crafted world on his hands, and I would love to see more things come out of it.  Jungle Village is but one of many parts of this world, and it would be fantastic to see a film series come out of this world.  It’s fantastic, and whimsical.  I would give him $9 a ticket to see more of this world unfold.

RZA’s directorial debut is an amazing piece of work, and I can’t say enough good things about it, because there’s so much that can be said about it.  The separate but converging stories, homage to it’s predecessors, and ultimately a very good time.  If this doesn’t do well in the box office, it will kill in DVD sales, just like Scott Pilgrim did.  I will definitely buying this when it hits DVD…Oh yeah, and Pam Grier…Just saying.

Man with the Iron Fists

Directed by The RZA