It’s been almost 14 years since the original Men in Black came out.  At the time I was unaware that the movie had been spawned from an sci-fi comic would later become the modern day Marvel comics.  The movie stared Will Smith, and Tommy Lee Jones.

The original movie had us following a young cop, James Edwards III, Will Smith, as he became the newest member of a secret organization tasked with monitoring extraterrestrial activities on Earth, and dealing with the fact that his life isn’t what it seemed to be, while stopping an alien roach from stealing an galactic weapon and destroying Earth.  This lead to Agent K, Tommy Lee Jones, to retire.

A few years later we were introduced to a Agent J as a Senior Agent.  Another alien now has come to Earth to consume, yet another weapon in the attempt to destroy the planet.  The only one who knows how to find the weapon is the former Agent K.  So they bring him back to save the day, and J learns a little more about his universe.

14 years later we’re brought back into the world of alien life forms hanging out and doing somethings we find normal.  We’re also introduced to this films plotter of mass Earthly destruction, Boris the Animal, and a new concept…Time Travel…okay, okay it’s really not that new, but still.  So in this film instead of K being brought back after retirement.  He’s just gone entirely, and it up to J to go back in time to the summer of ’69 to find him.  First thing I’m going to say right off the back is that the racist jokes aren’t really meant to be jokes, but they are sooooo funny, just the same.  J mets up with young K, and they’re off to do that thing where they save the world.

Now a few things that I loved, first off.  This movie takes everything we know about the ’60’s and puts them all in your face.  Everything back the, not that I’d know this, as I was born 20 years later, seemed pretty weird.  A perfect time for alien life forms to just come in and hang out.  We also get to see what K was like when he was younger.  The way J and K interact later in life versus the way they act earlier in life is astoundingly different.  I can be said that throughout the three movies all J wants from the MIB is knowledge, and K is there to provide him with the warning of what that knowledge could do to him.  This film really hits that home.  I’m not going to spoil it, but it really brings the other movies full circle, and there’s a sense of closure for everyone involved, like a true trilogy should have.  I had no questions that needed answering, no issues that needed to be resolved.  It’s done.  All of the gadgets were time period specific and really fit.  The “Ring Cycles” and jet packs, all look like they’d be from that time period.

A few things I didn’t like…Firstly, this movies is 7 years TOO LATE.  The movie seemed like it had been written a long time ago, and just never filmed.  It doesn’t hurt the movie too much, but this isn’t a good Scotch we’re talking about, it’s a movies.  Hell Tommy Lee Jones wasn’t in the movie but for maybe 40 minutes tops.  Even he couldn’t be bothered to be in it for a long time, or just physically couldn’t be in it for a long period of time….who knows…but still.

For an alien movie this one seemed to have less, or not as well thought out aliens.  Seriously, the Glamorians are all super models…cop out.  The aliens we see are from the ’60’s but that’s all the more reason to play with them.  Some of them can hide, some can out there in plain sight, but they weren’t as inventive this time around.  The action scenes weren’t as inventive either, they make the movie seem like a buddy cop movie then a sci-fi action.  I guess MIB really is just a sci-fi buddy cop movie, but the first movie, they fought a roach in a flying saucer and it took out half a park, the second movie half of the MIB HQ was pretty badly beaten.  In this one…a space shuttle launches…*shrug*

To be perfectly honest, I loved the shit out of this movie.  I will definately get all three when they’re released on Blu-ray or something, but it seems like its a series you have to watch from beginning to end, in one sitting, and that’s cool.  Go see that shit.

Men In Black 3  stars Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones, Jermaine Clement and Josh Brolin