Okay so Metal Gear is taking small step in the the Action realm with Platinum Games taking the lead with the development, and to be honest, I was a little put off.  I don’t see MGS as a series that could make such a jump.  This was taken back a little when I heard they were going to have the focal point of the story be our unsung hero Raiden.  I already knew what kind of game this was going to be, and who’d be in charge of it.  So I expected pretty much a DMC3-esc, kind of game, with the ability to sneak around if I wanted, and it was going to FANTASTIC.  When Konami announce that there would be a demo…I was so excited, and I couldn’t wait to get into it.  I’m willing to try anything at least one time.

So first thing right off the bat…the tutorial teaches you how to use the blade, and “Blade Mode.” a really neat idea actually.  Makes killing minor enemies a breeze in one stroke.  Then we jump right in and start hacking away at baddies.  My first problem here is, that the demo is too short.  It doesn’t throw you into any combat situations, so you can test out what you’ve learned on moving targets.  It does tell you in the middle of combat that you can use sub-weapons, and how to equip them, but that only happens if you get close to a weapon.  I’m sure the full game will have more, but as a demo, I need to know the basics.  I did discover a few new things as I played along, but I think they were going for a Megaman X style of tutorial, where is about discovering tactics and abilities along the way.

Speaking of discovery, I discovered there is not a way to dodge.  This, I think, crucially injures the game play, as it is essential to be able to dodge attacks from the larger enemies.  There is a parry system, but it’s useless against bosses.  Even the new DMC has a dodge button.  Many of you won’t play the game, because of the way it looks, but you’ll play this or Bayonetta instead, but the father of all three of these games, usually has away for you to get out of the way.  Now if there is a way for you to dodge, I may not have figured this out yet, but as of my writting this, I don’t know how to dodge, or parry.

The health system, is a bit of a mixed bag.  I died like 5 times before I could figure out that I needed to find a sweet spot and rip out the spinal column of a soldier for health.  That’s just loosely touched on in the FMV, but that sort of thing should be in a tutorial with the “Blade Mode” stuff, because that’s how you get health in this game.  I didn’t really use the sub-weapons as much, but I did need to dodge, and block, and found I couldn’t.

Overall, I will at some point pay full retail price for this game.  Platinum games has yet to make a game that is bad.  I loved Bayonetta, and Vanquish a lot, and I’m kinda fond of Metal Gear Rising Revengence, but man a dodge button goes a long, LONG, LONNNNNG way to make a game accessible.  Now I’m off to go play it some more.  Laterz!!


…And yes, there IS a dodge.