I’m a fan of the first 3 M:I., Mission: Impossible movies I found a few of them to be a little odd ball, but over all I loved the series as a whole.  There is a lot action and the ideas presented for technological advancement within the IMF, Impossible Mission Force.  The action itself is very thrilling.  Lots of ups and downs.  So with that I’ll go through the bits and pieces of the movie, and try not to spoil it, but provide my thoughts on the movie.

In Ghost Protocol, we meet up Ethan Hunt, the protagonist from the previous three movies in the series, as he’s broken out of a Russian Prison several years after the events of the 3rd movie, and Ethan is in a Russian Prison.  The movie gets going with staging a break out/rescue mission.  Which is pulled off with a bit of comedy between Ethan and this tech guy.  Once out of prison, Ethan is given a mission on a old beat-up phone that he has to tap a few times to get it to explode.  The mission itself requires them to break into the Kremlin, the Russian equivalent of the White House/Pentagon.  The mission goes bust and the plot of the thrill ride of a movie starts shortly there after.  The term Ghost: Protocol involves IMF to be disavowed by the US Government as a means to clear its name and distance itself from the destruction caused by the busted mission.  It is up to Ethan and his members of his team from the busted mission and an analyst from IMF to clear their name, without the help of IMF or the US government, all while stopping a Nuke from launching and causing WWIII.

I found this M.I, Mission Impossible, very throw back-ish.  The events of the movie itself, may be new but they are references to the previous movies itself.  For example, at one point in the movie, the team needs to get access to a server that is 17 floors above them and they need to get access to it, to reboot it manually.  So what do we do?  Climb the building without ropes, a la M.I. 3 style.  Later on in the movie we need attend a party, and not be seen and get the rich billionaire to spill the beans, a la M.I. 2 style.

The movie carries on like this for the duration of the film.  This does nothing to hurt it, in fact, this make the film seem familiar.  I felt like I’d seen the movie before, but I hadn’t and it was pleasant, like seeing an old friend and having coffee, and hearing about their lives.  That’s kind of what makes this movie not as good at the same time, because it lacks creativity.  I’m sure J.J. Abrams worked very hard on this movie, but it feels less worked on and developed as his other features, such as “Lost”, “Fringe”, “Super 8”.  All of these J.J. Abrams classics feel like a lot more thought in story telling was put in to these other stories.

Over all I had a wonderful time seeing this movie, but the movie felt like a rehash of old material, instead of starting something new.  The ending was a nice little touch, but still threw back to M.I. 3, which is what I had issue with.  It’s a good movie and I recommend seeing it, but I also say don’t expect anything new.