So today I’m writing you all from my SUPER awesome job.  I have a bit of down time right now, so I thought I’d use it on my other job, comics and awesome stuff like that.  So peep this shit right here.  TONIGHT @ MIDNIGHT Sucker Punch comes out.  I’ll write about that later, but I’m so fucking excited for this movie.  I thought it was weird at first and then I saw the samurai with a Vulcan cannon.  So I’m off to see that right after work.

I saw Paul last weekend, and loved it.  It was the funniest alien movie EVAR!!!  Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, have created another awesome flick.  It was indeed another classic for them, and another step up for being nerdy.  Not to mention all of the sci-fi references.  We need more awesome movies like this.  These seem to become the new version of our family friendly movies.

So around these parts my buddies are looking forward to the Lords of Acid.  I saw them once last year, and it was kinda cool.  I’m not really into the music that they play, but they’re good people.  The major dispute I have with the need to spend money to go see them is that I’ve heard all of their songs, no new releases.  I’d love to see more new songs come out from them.  They were awesome in their time, but they need a real come back, or at least a new set list.  Like I said, they’re cool and I’ve nothing against them, I just can’t justify spending that much money for no new content.

Japan is in trouble right now…kinda…  They got hit by a tsunami, and they’re having huge issues with a reactor.  I feel very bad for them so please donate to a good cause to help their people get back on their feet.  You can start by telling your local politicians to shut the fuck up.  There are people in another country that were hit bay a natural disaster, and our congressmen are using this as a talking point to address nuclear power in this country.  We have around 104 power plants in this country alone, and to further this point, there are also people in LOUISIANA, WHO ARE STILL HOMELESS!!!  Oh, that’s right you forgot about the Katrina didn’t you, Mr. congressmen/woman.  Yeah, people in this country got hit and are STILL suffering, but Japan gets dumped on and you think it’s okay to help them out?  That’s just fucked up.  I have nothing against the Japanese, if my artwork is any indication.  I am of the firm believer that if you can’t take care of yourself, how can you take care of someone else.  I also believe the same holds true for Nations as well.  Granted we shouldn’t turn a blind eye to Japan, but we shouldn’t be making such a big deal about their disasters when we haven’t fixed our own.  Take care of home first, the look else where.  The Japanese are a well organized people and do not need us as much as we’d like to think, and most definitely do not need a hand from some one who can’t even support it’s teachers, firemen, and police officers.  A country who can width draw when setup to do so in a war treaty, oh and can’t find weapons of mass destruction when it was the cause to go to war.  We have grown arrogant, and we need to change our way of thinking, because the next disaster that occurs, could be inland on American soil, and then what will we do?  The rich will do nothing, and the poor, will suffer like those who STILL have no home in Louisiana.  I love you Japan, but we need to focus on us, and you actually seem to have things under control, and do be honest, you don’t/shouldn’t want help from America, maybe Americans, but not the country, and there is a HUGE difference.