A devestator

….Literally, gone are these hours of mine.  I bought it last week and I’ve been playing the ever living the shit out of it.  I had no idea why I haven’t played this game yet.  It’s amazing, the is the first time I’ve played in awhile that I think I’ll replay over and over at length.  I found the way that the games developers chose to execute it’s many plot devices to be a very good reason to go back and forth to do the many missions it requires you to complete.

ON the first play through, and keep in mind at the time of this writing I haven’t finished the game yet, I have more than half of  “Web of Intrigue” completed, and I love how it requires you to do EVERYTHING to figure out what happened, but you don’t need it to know what’s going on.  IT’s amazing, nuff said.  I do want to know what happens to Mercers sister because that by itself  is important to me because she was there for most of the story and then suddenly she’s gone.  No trace, nothing there.  Oh well.  This game is very good and I loved every second of it.