…is becoming a bit of a chore as of late. I’ve found this year to be a lot more exciting then the last one. Lots of things have transpired. I’ve met new and interesting people as well as did a lot of stuff I normally wouldn’t do. Now Christmas is here and I’m super stocked. Not so much for Christmas, because I don’t celebrate it in the traditional sense.

I’m excited to see what interesting things the remaining month has to offer. I’ve noticed that it’s the one month out of the year where you never have to worry about people being completely rude to you. I guess it just goes to show that one month can change the human heart. I’m glad to be December baby for this reason. So with that in mind. Merry Christmas and all those other silly holidays that get thrown in last minute. If you chose to give gifts, make them from the heart as it’s about the gesture, not the actual gift that matters.

I’m off to work on stuff. latez and Happy Holidays.