Firstly an foremost, I’d like to go on record and state, that I’m not for the console wars.  It’s a ridiculous notion, and serves no purpose to propell the medium in a way that it truly deserves and should strive fore.  I personally play my video games as a way to escape to new and beautiful worlds and my own imagination is fueled by the media as a whole, so when the announcement of new systems comes forth I, with some glee and giddiness, far more interested in the new hardware and look at each system as an investment of not only my life hours spent, but there the cost factor.  With this said I’d like to talk about the PS4 and Xbox One announcements. My friend and colleague, Ray, and I differ on the way the PS4 and Xbox One announcements went down, and in truth I see his prospective on the two and I understand why he feels as strongly about the two; however I, with all the joy felt at the announcement of the two systems, can not shake that there’s a big fat gorilla in the room.  I for one do not carry a banner for on side or another, and I buy my systems based off the games I want to play.  For example, the Wii U, now has an amazing looking Sonic game, Sonic: The Lost world, and if you haven’t seen the trailer for it check it out below:

It looks promising enough, but it does prove my point. I want to be where the games are. So when Sony announced their offering to the video game gods, with it came some games, I was expecting to see something similar to this.  New types of gameplay, new ways of interacting with my gaming avatar, and new ways to experiene my gaming world.  Sure there were new features, and some will indeed be system sellers, but maybe one of the few games announced were games I was interested in,  Infamous: Second Son.  I’ll be the first one to say that I wasn’t really impressed as it had no game play, but Killzone: Black Gate did show gameplay, and I’m more inclined to want to purchase it, having played the other Killzone games in the franchise.  Outside of that Knack was cool, and it has some interesting gameplay, but it, as with most platformers, is only there to test the systems abilities and nothing more, so plateformers don’t really do it for me these days.   None of this really sold me on why my investment in the companys future was worth my time, and money. Kicking things over to the Xbox One…  As a gamer I’m a little more burned…I didn’t see anything that was really appealing, and thusly, this is where Ray and I greatly disagree with process.  I personally believe that these things are yes, multifacited and multi-purposed, but at the core, they are gaming devices.  So when I hear about a system coming out, I thing sweet, let’s see what it can do, and let’s see the games; of which there was two…  Call of Duty: Ghosts, and Forza: Motorsports 5.  No Halo, no Gears, nothing but EA Sports, and TV, and I found this very odd.  My friend Ray, on the other hand, found this to be very promising for a number of reasons.

FIRSTLY, he is a movie buff.  It’s his hobby of choice and it keeps him very busy, so when I told him about it, he tuned in and watched, an was inpressed.  The features for integrating his T.V. life style is something that’s directly catering to him.  I personally think that he will not have to buy both systems, nor should he have to do so.  In my opinion this should be the last system he should own, but it shouldn’t be marketed as a system.  It should be marketed as a media center.

Secondly, the amount of information that he was provided has sold him on the system, and to a small extent me, but unless something new comes out for XBO during E3, my adoption of the system will be very late…if not at all. I personally do not own an XBOX 360 and for a long time he didn’t own a PS3, but wanted something else to play games on.  I took this opportunity to get him into the Uncharted series, which he LOVED.  I got him to play Infamous, but he wasn’t completely sold on it, but he liked the direction it went.  It’s very difficult to find a specific kind of game for him to play on the PS3 because a lot of the games revolve around freedom of play and choice.

I, personally,  never had a need to own an Xbox branded system, my room mates have one, Ray has one, and we watch movies on it, and play games for the most part on PS3.  I’ve had mine since launch and it’s served me very well, gamewise…and actually we’ve moved over to watching movies on it instead.  I do plan on getting a Wii U at some point…when there are games for it…but right now NONE of the big 3 are winning my heart or mind on the situation and it bugs me because it seems like this is all dying down.  I personally play a lot of my games right now on my PC.  I love the things that are being done…  Games like FEZ, Braid, Super Meat Boy, are all games I want to play, because they are fun, and challenging.

Playstation 4

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