You will be missed. Admittedly, by the time Joe Fraizer’s career had ended, I had not really known who he was, but I remember my grandfather showing me his old boxing matches, so as a child I knew of his matches and I became an unwitting sparing partner for my uncles… Yeah…that was fun…either way, I learned to fight because of Smokin’ Joe. Thanks a lot for the influence you had on my life. Truly, you were a champion.

Heavy D, on the other hand was a much bigger part of my child hood. His music influenced my childhood. I grew up listening to him when my aunt would play him in my grandmothers house. Then he did a joint with Micheal Jordan, and Jackson. “Jam” was one of my favorite songs during that era, and was sampled for Carnival Night Zone in Sonic 3. It was truly a good song… and now he’ll sing no more.

Peace be unto you both and rest easy. You’ll be remembered for your great works.