Okay, so Raiden, FINALLY, got his own game, and it came out today, and MAN is it amazing.  The story itself is very much cannon, and as much as people would like to be upset about the fact that there is very little sneaking, it is very much a Metal Gear game.  So with this in tow, let’s get right into what makes this game…Tick, and why Platinum Games has a wonderful hit, or my opinion, why Raiden finally got his day, again.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengence picks up almost 4 years after Sons of the Patriots, and see Jack, Raiden, assisting in the creation of an African nation, and the head of a PMC.  Our boy soldier, turned Snake replacement, turned super ninja seems to have come a long way from the whining and bitching.  I mean really, he’s not been the same since Metal Gear Solid 2, or for that matter since helping Snake take down SOP and the Patriots.  Also, Solid Snake, and Otacon, are not involved, not physically, but in spirit.

Gameplay is always been a big issue for me.  From a technical stand point MSG:R:R is a very solid game.  It hales from the DMC school of design.  It’s what you would call a typical hack an slash game.  Combos, and launchers are all here, and too be honest, I wouldn’t have expected a game about Raiden to be any less then that.  In fact, if it were any other type of game, I don’t think it would see the same kind of success, or be as fun.  In typical, DMC, fashion, as the story progresses, Raiden, will aquire new melee weapons, such as spear, sai, dual swords that make a large pair of scissors…and a robot dog.  A homage to Cassern, or a swipe at Megaman…however you wanna take it.  The point is, you can tell that Capcoms former employees have this one in the back on the game play front, but Platinum Games haven’t really made a bad game in it’s existence, and a MAJORITY of what they produce is gold on the game play front.

Camera wise, the gameplay speed and dynamics make this game in certain areas a little janky.  To be fair, this is probably point, where GOW, God of War, cameras system would be able very helpful, but I digress.  The camera is bareable, but it did need a little static setting in certain places.  It would give it a little more cinematic setup, but it does work for what it’s created for and the jankiness is almost unnoticeable.

The story in this particular is really political, as with all Metal Gear Games, but it seems to be aimed completely at the unspoken issue of the child soldier.  This is usually a hot button topic, and Kojima Productions hasn’t pulled any punches on the subject, and in the case of this game, They tend to make light of the subject, and in some cases all out makes fun of the concept, never address another issue that the game touches on very lightly, which is child labor.  Sunny, a protagonist from MGS 4, is seen working at a space craft facility, carrying on her work from the previous game.  Truth of the matter is, that’s highly illeagal, because well she’s only 10 years old, and it’s not really evident that Snake, possibly dead, or Otacon, noticeably missing, and btw, adoptive family is around, much less approving of the situation.  It does however address the issue of why we fight wars in the first place, and in this game that seem to be major part of the subject matter.  It doesn’t add or subtract from the game, but it gives you, should you find this sort of thing interesting, a little home work to do.

Overall, I find this to be a pretty HUGE departure from the norm of what I thing a Metal Gear game should be, but it’s a good departure; but to be really fair to Kojima Productions, Zone of the Enders was great, but the kind of game needed to propel Raiden forward, and pass on Snakes legacy by passing the torch to him, Platinum Games was the only studio that would’ve made the kind of game Kojima was looking to make for Raiden, and they delivered.  Go and get it!!

Metal Gear Solid: Rising: Revengence.
02/19/2013 X-Box360/PS3
Konami/Kojima Productions/Platinum Games