Okay, so I’ve finally seen the movie and I’m going to start by saying that I was seriously the only kid in the theater. Literally I was most excited person in the room. From start to finish I was so excited about this movie. I couldn’t contain my excitement. The 8-bit Universal theme, kicked off a Epic Epic of Epicness. I geeked out to a movie for the first time since…well… Ever… My friends liked it, and I could relate to almost every character in the story. It was a kick ass movie… “Wait…what? It wasn’t perfect?” No. Which leads me to my, in my opinion minor, grips about the movie, which I also happen to love most about movie.

Firstly and foremost Micheal Cera, as Scott Pilgrim…I couldn’t really hate him. Let’s face it, the movie Scott, and the graphic novel Scott are out right jerks, without meaning to be so. The movie Scott is more of a dick, but a bit of a bigger wussy too, which I like. Micheal Cera plays the character as if he’s so full of himself, and it’s awesome to watch. I actually felt bad for the people around him, who deal with him on a daily basis. The GN Scott was just funny, really funny, but equally relatible in the sense that when we, as nerds, loose something as awesome as a Ramona, we really will jump through hoops to get what we want.
Ramona herself was played to perfection. The very image of the way I would expect a woman like Ramona to be, they couldn’t have gotten a better person to play her. My only grip about Ramona, involved the fight with Roxy Ritcher. Anyone that read the book knows what I’m about to say. The joke with the orgasmic back of the knee. That was totally Envy’s joke, but I can see why they did it, actually it seemed much more appropriate if it were done to Roxy then Envy. Envy was a bit of a bitch and served her purpose after the death of Todd in the movie, but she had a bigger role in the book. Her role in the book was to show that Scott had a really shitty relationship as compared to Ramona’s shitty relationship with Gideon, and that both were conniving ass holes trying to control people for their own ill gotten gain. For Envy it was just to torture Scott, nuff said, but for Gideon it was simply to get back a lost experiment. That was not addressed so much in the movie as it was in the book, but the spirit was there, and it rocked. I actually liked the battle between the twin dragons, an Sex Bob-omb. That was way more epic in the movie then the book, a giant rock spirit battle, was awesome, it made less sense then the fighting of the robots, but it was really rad, and it was much more of a battle then in the books, thought it was l a very fitting replacement. Stephen Stills, character is a total wussy. I was a little disappointed with how his character came out. He seemed very money grubbing, and not to mention Young Neil…well he’s a little…he’s just there. Seriously, he’s even less important then he was in the books. Sorry kid…

Over all the really good jokes were removed and I don’t mind, because it didn’t change the story. I am disappointed about the most important piece and that’s Scott’s second chance to make things right, and the battle with Nega Scott…I think it actually came out better then the book. The book forced Scott to fight to obtain the power of Nega Scott, but the movie finds him actually talking it out… Totally blind siding the whole issue. I think that’s a much more hilarious out come because you expect an epic boss battle, and they just talk. Well played…well played indeed. Over all I like the books ending better, everything from start to finish is covered and wrapped up. There’s a lot to beside for the love the characters share over the course of a year, and a lot develops between the characters, and you feel really caught off guard when shit hits the fan. The movie adaptation is in equal lock step with the book. Equal closure, less jokes, and equal amount of enjoyment. Thank you Bryan Lee O’Malley. I love your book and your movie.