two Sonic

20 years of speed.

Sonic the Hedgehog…I grew up watching his Saturday morning cartoons when I was 6.  When Jaleel White, a.k.a. Steve Urkle,  a.k.a. Stephan Urkel, was the voice.  That was the first time I ever had any experiences with Sonic Hedgehog, of Knotthole Village, member of the Freedom Fighters.  My uncle who was about 15 or so at the time, got a SEGA Genesis with Sonic the Hedgehog, and I loved it.  My mom came to pick me up and we didn’t leave until my game was over, and my mom knew that I’d found my hero.  I’m now 27 years old and I’ve been playing his games about as long as I’ve played Mario’s games.  I’ve never liked Mario as a character.  As I’ve grown up Sonic has always struck me as a free spirit leading the charge, similar to water, always flowing and adapting, even the fact that Jaleel White stopped doing the voice, showed a change in Sonic’s own age. Sonic himself hasn’t had the best of careers though.  Most of his games after Sonic 3 weren’t worthy of the icon Sonic Team created.  Sonic himself has had a few games that come off as wtf games, and his persona was marketed to match the likes of a “Merry Melodies” character.  The character became more well know then Mario, but Mario’s games stood the test of time with each new entry, Sonics did no such thing.  His problems were not only the shift in the times, but in the way games were being built.  Sonics problems started with the advent of 3-D technology.  His string of bad games started when Sonic Team let Americans build the games, I’m looking at you Sonic Spin Ball.

why did you make this game...

Sonic Spin Ball

This has to be the most un-Sonic game in existance, and to be frank, I couldn’t get out of the first stage…It was completely unplayable. After this came Sonic 3-D, His first step in to the world of 3-D, Sonic Team didn’t even build this game…

yeah...they did that..

It would’ve been a good first step, if it didn’t suck, but then came the Dreamcast, and with it Sonic Adventure, and Adventure 2.  Now I’m going to be really honest.  Sonic Adventure was the best step for Sonic into the 3-D realm.  Even, today the concepts created in that game effect the way we chase down our blue blur, but to be honest… the game sucked.  The controls were bad the story bad, and didn’t make sense, but as a Sonic game it was a game I played a lot because it was fun/frustrating, and it was all I had. Sonic Adventure 2, on the other hand was the best one in his series of games, but not as great as Sonic 3 or Sonic 2.  This game was also, pretty bad in it’s own right, but it introduced one of the most disrespected characters in gaming history, in my opinion.

he uses guns?


Shadow, upon his introduction, was in every way was the complete opposite of Sonic.  He was fast, angry, and ready to crush Sonic’s blue spirit at every turn, and in Sonic Adventure, he kicked the tar out of Sonic at every stretch.  He even taught Sonic, un-wittingly, how to use “Chaos Control”.  They took everything that made Sonic and made an evil version of him.  So how does this effect Sonic?  Simply, put this… Guns and vehicles…and this continued into Shadows spin-off game, straight into the worst Sonic game in history….

This one game made me so mad for years because I was so unplayable, that I couldn’t beat the game.  I beat Sonic’s portion, I started Shadows, and just stopped playing.  I never finished the game.  Parts of the game were so broken that it took so much effort just to get past one level.  This one goes with out saying.

After this Sonic had a few rad entries on hand helds, Sonic Rush and Sonic Rush: Adventure, changed the way Sonic was played dramatically.  The series would make another attempt at a rad game with.

Sonic Unleashed, was 50% bad game and 50% good game, but 100% good game play.  Sonic’s new abilities and speed were a learning curve, but I enjoyed the game as a whole.  The werehog, felt like I should’ve been playing as Knuckles.  It’s almost as if they were building Sonic and Knuckles 2 or something, but it was good none the less, and I still own it because the day time stages were friggin’ amazing.  The effort put into each stage was fantastic, and I even liked Chip, but I got addicted to the day time stages.

So, now we’re back to Generations…

I'm waaaaaiiiiting.

I'm waaaaaiiiiting.

So, we’re back on his next game.  First thing I can say is that Sonic makes light of his past career, at every turn.  For example Knuckles asks “child” Sonic if he put on weight, because of his pudgy appearance.  They way the game handles both Sonics is exactly the way you’d handle it if someone was hurled through time, and met up with a future/past self.  The other characters don’t notice the change because to them it’s the same person.  Sonic himself attempts to show off to himself, and by the end of all teachs him the Insta-Shield attack, which was the precursor to the Homing Attack. I’ve found this game to be as fun as an old Sonic game, and love it way more than the Day time levels of Unleashed.  The one thing I will say is latter part of his life has no real purpose.  His first 3 outings were a trilogy, one single story with a defined purpose.  Stop the Death Egg.  That’s what made those games so great.  You played them all the way through and it was one unspoken story.  Since that time he’s been in random scraps with Egg man, oh and speaking of Egg Man.  He goes by the name of Robotnik again.  *shrug* Either way, I don’t have any misgivings about the game.  There are a few control issues, but nothing major.    Give it a go.  ^_^