Sony held a lengthy meeting to day to announce, what the world already knew was coming.  The Playstation 4.  Not only did they give us the specs. which by all standards, are pretty hardcore, but we also received some game announcements.  One thing that was indeed absent from the meeting, was what the machine looks like.  This is especially odd as the system is set to launch at the end of this year.  Nor did we get a price point on the machine, but I’m pretty certain, based off the specs, it’s looking to be in the 500 to 600 dollar range.  It may be a little cheaper, but one thing that does concern me, is backwards compatibility.  Granted this may not be a huge issue at the onset, the tradition of having access to my older games as well was a big buying stipulation.  Though this seems to be remedied by the ability to stream, or download in the back ground while in play.

I want to touch on a few thing important things that caught my attention.

Firstly, judging from the hardware specs, and the developer backing, LOAD times will be a thing of the past.  Which, in my opinion, should’ve gone the way of the CD, but change brings innovation.  I’m glad that the PC and console have caught up to each other.  If this console does even half of what Sony claims.  This will put us back on course with moving forward towards gaming as an accessible media.

Second, the ability to try it before you buy it.  I don’t know if you’ve ever had a Game Crazy in your area, but this concept is AMAZING.  It puts the power back in the hands of the consumer and allows us to fully vote with our wallets.  This will be an amazing tool to drive development of new and inventive i.p.s and experimentation and see crowd feed back.  This will also allow Sony to do one thing that it’s never been able to do before; become a content provider in a mass market that it can control.  This can be both good and bad, but it will make sure that developers do not have to pay third parties to publish and ship it’s games, and allows for lower prices on the market front.  This will also put pawnshop game stores, Game Stop, and EB Games, out of business, and make sure that developers get the full amount of money for the product as well as ensure gamers have full access to their games.  Now this may mean that gamers will have to pay full price for a game, but at the same time, everyone should have to pay full price.  You do the same when you go to a movie, why not a game?

Third is a community.  I for one love X-Box Live, but it’s only available to me if I pay for it.  Sony doesn’t have that kind of backing because well, the community spends more time playing then it does interacting.  Not that there’s any thing wrong, but the new PS4 seems set on bridging the gaps.  I do hope that this works, because one thing PSN needs is a sense of unity.  A game like Destiny could very well do this.  Even the prospect of having other people to interact with in my games seems amazing.  If the PS community could get behind this the PS4 will change gaming again.

Fourth and I feel is most important, the way we interact.  Sony showed us the DUAL SHOCK 4.  Which is the same controller we saw in leaked images.  No surprise there, but what I did find surprising is how the VITA worked.  The thought of playing PS3, and PS4 games on the device is amazing, and looks spectacular.  Not that this hasn’t been tried before, but Sony’s overall failure with the feature in the PSP, lead to the feature’s potential success with the VITA, and ability to play all games on the device is the stepping stone that they needed to move forward with the technology.  Truly an interesting way of expanding the concept of play.

I’m holding out for the price point on the device, as it is an intriguing machine with massive amounts of possibilities, and Sony plans to make PS4 accessible to as many people as possible.  Sony, I tip my hat to you, as it’s got me a little impressed and very interested in the product.  I plan to put some money down to get one of those bad boys when it comes out.