Joint Session of Congress and the Senate

The business of running or government has by and large been a large game of chess, with a side game of dice thrown in.  Every 2 to 4 years, we vote some guys in and they themselves do the work of “self-governance.”  The leader of this government usually in someway reports this back to the republic.  Here in the United States of America, this process is done through the State of the Union.  A tradition started, and mind you isn’t required, by none other then George Washington.  As he has the power to call for a joint session of Congress, and the Senate.  The amazing thing about this, is this is one of the few times that all 3 branches of our government are in the same room at the same time.

So let’s fast forward almost 300 years, to last night.  44th President of the United States, Barack Hussien Obama, gave his speech.  The first thing, I’d like to point out is that it was a pretty standard speech.  More of a report card, and ways we can make some changes and get better.  The way a boss is supposed to support his employees, and without going too far in depth about the whole thing, we’re pushing a C+ as a country, and we could pull those grades to make a B.  Like any good boss, he advised us on ways we could make things easier on ourselves, improve our work performance, and get raises, i.e., reasons we should try to invest in new technology, which create jobs, and put people back to work.  He informed us of the challenges of making such changes, and informed us these are long term changes that would lead us to the ultimate goal.  President Obama, informed us of the troubles that have been occurring around the office and advised us that steps are being taken to remedy them in the future, or as his speech detailed, a vote on some sort of legislation is deserved for the issue of gun violence.  He spoke of our security, and about what we need to do about immigration.  Over all a pretty standard speak, the kind a boss would be expected to give his employees, but the great difference here is that the Legislative, and Judicial branches do not answer to the Executive branch, and visa versa, but at the end of the day the boss is the President, but they treat him, in particular this President, like a puppet.  Both sides are very much at fault on this, and this is truly what hurts us as a nation.

For example the issue of the debt ceiling fight.  Watch the video below and do research on what is being spoken of.

While you can argue that this doesn’t really make him a puppet…think about it makes him look, as a boss.  It’s literally a form of castration of power.  The president is limited in what he can and can not do, just like the other branches, and his main job is to run the country, but if congress can do this to him, then just think about what other things they do to him, just to make him look stupid in the face of the public.  You do the same things to your own boss with you can, and it makes people question his ability to lead.  Which in this country, we can do openly as it’s our way of voicing concern, or dissension, but at the same time the biggest way this is done, is via congress’ opposition party, i.e. the guys not in charge at the moment.  This is done through the response.

The response is genuine a way for the opposition to put forth a form a disagreement.  Away of saying, I see where you’re coming from, but this is why I think you’re wrong.  It adds dialogue, and pushes forth the conversation, however the way it’s being used today is the complete opposite of the original intent.  It’s actually a sort of employee chastising the boss kind of feel to it.  Granted it’s not uncommon for these sorts of things to occur, but it does so much that no one listens to both sides anymore.  I really do think that this entire event should be done, back to back, but while both parties are in the same room at the same time, and the President should be the one to invite the other party to speak.  Instead of having a separate response in a separate location, do them both in the same room, back to back.  Both sides meeting the same room, at the same time in front of the same audience.  What better way to have a dialogue.  Have the president introduce the person in question, and let the man give his speech.  It would be a wonderful olive branch, and an exciting way of having politics work properly.