…okay…so I was very excited to see two of my favorite Fighting Franchises coming together and duking it out and having fun doing it in a format that allows both sides to shine through.  With that said Capcom has delivered it’s version of this game and with all the controversy over the DLC being on the disc and not unlockable, but setup in the form of a micro transaction system, people tend to forget the fact that there is a game to play here.

With this in mind I’m going rant on about the game play.   Now first thing I want to get out in the open, is that I’m not good at Street Fighter 4.  It’s been two years since I’ve played it, but I loved it, and it took me a really long time to get used to it, so with my first play of Street Fighter x Tekken, I had an extremely difficult time adjusting.  The game has a lot of balancing and speed issues, this coming from a guy that plays MvC series on a regular basis.  Scramble mode is VERY difficult to follow and track your life bar, or who’s attacking who.  I did figure it out eventually, and was able to adjust.  I then put the setup into tag mode.  This portion of the game is less of an impact on the user, but equally as confusing.  Myself and fellow players, played for the better part of an hour, and couldn’t figure out how to tag out each character, this resulted in quicker matches, but once some did figure it out, we couldn’t figure out how to use Super Arts… Quarter Circle foward x2 Punch doesn’t work here.

Now I’m sure that with more time with the game it will become second nature, but in game where pulling off those types of Specials are key to the way it works, this game should be better about accessibility…and it’s really not.  It’s really pretty, and the back grounds are zany, but I have no clue how to play it.  I will give it more time to grow on me, but for right now I’m saying , check it out as it is fun to play, if it is frustrating, and beware of the HUGE learning curb.