How does one start his little bit off.  I personally expected Ted, directed by Seth McFarlane, to be a two-hour long episode of Family Guy, without the characters, but all of the actors.  Turns out I was only half right.  All of the actors were in it, but his work of comic gold was nothing like Family Guy at all.

Ted is the story of a young boy, who gets a teddy bear for Christmas, and he makes a wish to have it be his best friend for the rest of his life.  When the wish is granted, he obviously freaks out, and then shows his parents, wash, rinse, repeat.  His parents turn the bear into a celebrity, and boom, people forget him.  Except for his best friend, the young boy.  We are then shown the boys life when he grows up.

This movie by far has some of the most amazing racist jokes of McFarlane’s comedic career, and they all work.  They’re the ones you share with your friends when no one’s around.  This has been by far the most entertaining movie, unexpectedly, I’ve seen this summer.  I love how the bear becomes an adult, just like the rest of us.  It tries to paint a realistic vision, in a very crude and enjoyable way, of what it would be like if such a wish came true.  We’ve all made this wish, but never thought about what would happen.  Ted has been one of the most gut wrenching movies I’ve seen in a long time…  Hell it’s been one of the few R-rated movies I’ve seen in a long time, that truly was a R-rated film.  I highly recommend you go get drunk, leave your kids at home, and go and see Ted.  You’ll be glad you did.


P.S.  Patrick Stewart narrates the movie…just saying.