Firstly and fore most…IF you have not seen the first series…it’s cool.  They’ve got you covered.  To put it briefly…some stuff happened in the last series, and Avatar Ang saved the day…well it’s not verbatim…but that’s what they say so yeah.  There’s a new Avatar, pictured above in the blue.  My first impression of Korra is created to a character that we can relate to.   From the moment we meet her as a child, we are shown her personality is extremely polar opposite of Ang.  Ang was playful, but he was very serious as a person, and very focused on his task, ending the 100 year war, and stopping the current fire lord.  Korra on the other hand, has been hidden from the world, and is struggling to find her place in it, to top that off, she’s easily distracted, but she’s curious about her world.  She’s also very rebellious, unlike Ang who really didn’t have time to be a teenager.

  More then anything else I’ve noticed is that the world that Korra resides in now has rapidly changed from the 40 or so years from when Ang lived, and it is still changing.  For example the racism is very different from what it was in Ang’s time.  The racism is more about Bender vs. Non-Bender as compared to the different TYPES of bending vs. the other TYPES of bending.  The vehicles are much more advanced, and the fighting styles have changed, they seem to moving away from standard wushu styles and  progressing to more towards a Jeet Kun-do type style combined with a bit of boxing.  This gives the movement more a evolved kind of feel.  All of the older characters seems to be either dead…or well dead, except for Katara.  Katara, and her children seem to be the proxies between what’s happened in the last season, and what’s happening now.  We’re introduced to several “replacements”, each of whom seem to replace a specific character from the last series.  So far a lot of the characters are have more character the all of the other characters from the previous series.  They seem way more organic.

A lot of what I saw gave me high hopes for this next season.  Can’t wait to see episode 3