…as a bachelor is…an interesting concept. My best friend Ray, who I mention here from time to time, had this conversation over burritos, and I felt compelled to share this with you all. To start, we got on the subject of high school reunions, and how they were quickly approaching us. The conversation quickly turned to the introspective as we started to list off all of the things we’ve accomplished during our last 10 years. For example, I went to animation school, and learned the art of animation from some of the members of the former Don Bluth Studios, if you don’t know who Don Bluth is…seriously look him up. Search Titan A.E., A Troll in Central Park…hell if you’re a gamer look of Dragons Lair or Space Ace. Even though I didn’t graduate, I still met and learned a great deal from these people. Wonderful group of people if you ever met them, but I digress. Not many people from my high school can safely say that they’ve met a tech that worked on the lighting for Titan A.E. On the other hand, I have met the original artist of the Final Fantasy games, Yoshitaka Amano, and had an opportunity to chat with him. I have photographic evidence of this encounter, this profoundly changed the way I look at my own work as a whole. I am too this day greatful for that experience. I’ve also met a Stan Lee, wonderful man, oh and I didn’t have to pay to meet him. Seriously, it was a bit of a freak accident, because I ran into him, he’s a very humble man, because I apologized a lot to him…must happen all the time. I met Joe Madureira too. I have done a lot in 10 years. I lay all these things out simply to say that we, in bachelorhood, seem to thing that we have to have another person around to make us what we are. My buddy, Ray, and our two friends, Natasha, and Auburey, party EVERY weekend, not to go looking for companions, but just to get out of the house and have fun. For the better part of 6 to 7 months every Friday, Ray and go do something, and then on Saturday, we do something with the two girls, and the only time we haven’t done anything is when one of us were seeing someone else, and our lives are freakin’ awesome. At the time of this writing, Aubs and I are going to go bar hoping to decide where I’m going to have my miniskirt Mascarade, where EVERY one will be required to wear miniskirts. Yours truly will be doing this as well, for my birthday party in December. On Saturday I’m helping Natasha move, with Ray, and this makes me happy. I can do this not because I have to, but because I want to, because I have the freedom to do these things, and when I go to my family reunion and see all of my old buddies, all married and with kids; I can proudly say that as a single man, I have accomplished all of these things, and I about to do so much more. I’m enjoying my life as it is, and I plan to do so much with it, and if I find someone that can keep up, then I’ll get married, until then I’m making plans to go on adventures until she joins my rag tag group of action heroes and we save the world. With that in mind bachelors and bachelorets, enjoy your life and embrace what you have because you don’t need anyone else, because when that someone else comes along the should compliment you, just like your friends do, so that we that lady comes to you and says she loves you, you can say with confidences, I love you too, or when that man ask you to share his name, it won’t be a shadow of a doubt in your mind that what you want to do, ya know…assuming you take that route, on the other hand if you produce off spring, you two will raise an awesome kid. What ever your flavor of life. Be free, and wickedly awesome at it.